DattoCon19 Recap

Free Stuff, 2300+ MSP’s, Ground Breaking new Software, Smart Hardware, Cool Dark Mode, Time Savers, Knowledge & Expertise


  • CYBER SECURITY > Hackers now notice MSP is a good target.
  • 6 Things you can do to survive ransom ware attack > Partner w/MSSP, Enable MFA, Encryption PW, Monitor Dark Web, Understand Vulnerability, Email Defense FREE TRAIL vade@datto.com

A Few Good Tips:

  • Get Cyber Liability insurance, Know what’s Covered, Know the Exclusions
  • Use “Global Search” in Autotask to Globally Search for notes anywhere in the system
  • NEVER email your password

Datto released new products and features in ALL areas:

  • Cloud Community – AMAZING bare Metal Restore (BMR). Never worry about your laptop crashing again!
  • RMM – Lowest Prive Ever
  • Networking – New Software and New Hardware
  • PSA – Announcement of 2019.2 Release – Contact VPA for how to leverage the new features
  • SaaS Protection – Secure Backup
  • Continuity – SIRIS Data Replication, SIRIS Private

Autotask PSA Accelerator Bootcamp

Datto told us WHAT to  do, VPA can help you with the HOW to do it AND customize it to meet your needs:

  • Best Practice Process for Acquiring Business in Autotask PSA: Set the Foundation, Know your Critical Success FActors, Configure for Big Picture, Configure for Process
  • Best Practice Tools for Acquiring Business in Autotask PSA: Opportunity, Quote, Proposal Project and of course Widgets!
  • Billing: Setup Contracts for Billing, Create Invoices, Approve & Post and of course Widgets!
  • Reports: What is our most profitable service? What is our most popular service?
  • Success Factor: Keep the Right Customer

Beyond MSP’s: The Next Evolution

  • MSP’s need to focus on building a Technology Success practice which shifts mindsets from a “Low perceived value” of Support to a “High perceived value” of Services focused on compliance, technical alignment, security and VCIO guidance
  • MSP’s need to understand that their inventory is their Service team, spending time on low-value tasks will not win the client over – need to focus on high-value tasks

How Leadership & Culture will Supercharge Your MSP Results:

  • Focus on leading through culture with an employee-centric leadership.
  • Build relationships to get participation
  • Involve the team in the process
    • Take risks and embrace failures:
    • Let staff make mistakes which helps to generate new ideas
    • Reinforce mutual accountability
    • Practice Coaching (not micromanagement)

Keynote with Nancy Rademaker:

  • Customers are now: Informed, Individualist, Impatient, Influenced, Intuitive
  • Ensure MSP is growing with customers:
    • Understand Customer Needs
    • Scale
    • Take Action
  • Personalization for MSP’s is the next step:
    • Be relevant, timely and trustworthy

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