How will the Autotask Release 2019.2 Impact you?

We help MSP’s optimize their Autotask PSA in the areas of system, process, resources, and financials. Here’s what our experts say about the PSA 2019.2

Release coming out this month:

1. User and Asset Based Billing

a. Are you selling services per user per month? With the new Rule Based Billing, the Billing Product becomes the link between the Contract and the Contact and/or Configuration Item/Asset/Installed Product.

b. Do clients ask you what they are being billed for? You can show the contact name and/or device name on the invoiced.

c. Pro-Ration, Min\Max Limits, Tier based and Volume Billing are just a few benefits of this new feature.

2. Account Dashboards

a. Get a quick visual of the health of your client.

3. Opportunity User Interface

a. Stop spending more on 3rd party sales tools and leverage what you’re already spending on Autotask. Opp Category, Speed Codes, and Checklists will streamline Sales Rep. activities.

4. Dark Mode

a. It’s just COOL!

5. Integration Center > VPA performs and customizes all Autotask PSA integrations for you.

a. New listing of Autotask PSA integration vendors

b. New Datto RMM Fields for Software Management Status, Antivirus Status, and Patch Status > Spend time setting this up and Save much more time and money later.

c. Are you integrated with QuickBooks Online? The Integration Enhancements consists of three separate apps. We recommend using all three.

d. You can now set the Ticket Category by Integration vendor as well as Billing Products when the Billing Rule exist

e. Integration Vendor will be an available field in Search Grids, LiveReports and Dashboard Widgets

6. Usability Improvements

a. Adding same service to Quotes (more than once)

b. New Asynchronous Invoicing & invoice batch processing log

c. Locations added on Project Tasks

d. New Task and Ticket print view

e. Alternate Send From Email Addresses – Ideal for users who operate in co-managed environments

f. Client Portal/Taskfire Improvements:

1. Datto RMM Configuration Status Widgets

2. Location Field Added to Ticket Search

Autotask gives you the tools. Let Virtual Partner Advantage help you maximize their value.

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