Our Core Values #3 – Service Excellence

We’ve been sharing our core values with you allowing you to get to know us better. This week we’d like introduce you to another – service excellence – which falls perfectly in line with ethical, passionately committed, accountable, selfless servants, people of possibility (never back down), thirst for knowledge (learning culture). Today, we’d like to explain the importance of service excellence to our team and how it translates into amazing advantages for you as our clients.

At Virtual Partner Advantage (VPA), service excellence means our professional team members are dedicated to continual improvement in their service to our clients, to one another, and to their families and friends. To achieve this goal means delivering services warmly, promptly, and with excellence, always uplifting our clients and elevating their VPA experience. Doing so means accountability, expertise, and ongoing improvement.

Janis Barbin, Executive Team Client Services Manager, explains, “Delivering service excellence is providing the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. It’s not simply meeting their needs, but also taking that extra step by going above and beyond their expectations.” Service excellence means always knowing why we are doing what we are doing for our clients. Knowing the why allows us to take the initiative and truly deliver service excellence for our clients and within our teams. Service excellence sets VPA apart from the competition to the benefit of our clients.

Service excellence, here at VPA, not only means going above and beyond what our clients expect but doing so with humility. We have the drive needed to do so because our clients are truly our partners. In order for an actual partnership to exist, it must be beneficial to all involved, which is what we do every day as we work diligently with our clients delivering the tools they need to be profitable and successful. With these tools, clients can visualize their position, identify growth opportunities, and lead trends in their industry. VPA is a team of “A Players” for whom service excellence is a corporate goal as well as a personal one that is evident in every client interaction as we provide excellence in every way, shape, and form.

As part of our culture and core, service excellence is not only evident between our team members and our clients, but also within, among our team members. It is one of the ways we demonstrate service excellence internally to one another daily. Ann New, Solutions Specialist, offers this example of service excellence among team members, “As we serve our clients, we also serve one another, helping or assisting when we see one of our own struggling or falling behind through no fault of their own. It is not unusual to hear the words, ‘what can I do to help you’ spoken not only from VPA team members to their clients but also between co-workers.”

In addition, VPA provides cross-training as an integral part of our business model which significantly impacts development, improvements, and solutions in the company. HR Specialist Kathryn Gunzinger believes this improves ongoing service excellence as, “cross-training gives team members a complete 360-degree view of VPA’s current procedures and processes, allowing for innovation, opportunity, and the ability to provide excellence with our clients and our co-workers.”

 Service excellence is an external expression of our internal dedication to our clients. Every member of the VPA team understands to stay ahead of the competition, we must deliver excellence to our clients consistently, helping them grow and achieve ongoing success and providing unbelievable service.

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