Our Core Values #2 – Passionately Committed

A few weeks ago, we shared the first of our core values, ethical. This time we’d like to introduce you to another of our core values – passionately committed. Alongside Ethical, Service Excellence, Accountable, People of Possibility (never back down), Thirst for Knowledge (learning culture), and Selfless Servants, Passionately Committed holds the second position, and we’d like to explain why it is so important to us and what it means to you as our clients.

 At Virtual Partner Advantage (VPA), passionately committed means our professional team members strive to achieve unmatched excellence in their work as well as their personal lives. Everyone at VPA takes his/her job seriously and always seeks to share his/her expertise to create unparalleled value for each of our clients. The passionate commitment is evident in every aspect of our company – creating value while cultivating and nurturing continual service excellence.

Being passionately committed is simply a matter of fulfilling your commitments – in work, in life, to your team, to your clients – and giving 100 percent all the time, every time to ensure success. Passionately committed means being a team player, who does every task with a positive attitude and succeeds, while also encouraging others do the same. Performing tasks with passionate commitment isn’t a means to end for attention or praise, but rather it is accomplishing what needs to be done and doing it well, regardless of the hurdles, ultimately benefitting the team, the organization, and the clients.

Passionate commitment to our clients as well as the organization that is VPA means each team member is dedicated to excellence which ensures, not only every clients’ success, but the organizations’ success as well. Ultimately each team members passionate commitment in their professional and personal lives makes the team stronger, able to work cohesively for the greater good, and able to provide every client, large or small, an exceptional level of service continually.

At VPA, being passionately committed can take a variety of forms from answering client calls after hours to staying late to help a co-worker to being positive when someone is having a bad day. Jamie Weaver, Solutions Specialist, explained, “One day, passionate commitment is staying late to get last minute reports to a client for an early morning corporate meeting, another day, it may mean ensuring what a client has asked for is what they really need, the right solution. And on a different day, passionate commitment may simply mean helping a co-worker in a positive way, not as if they are a ‘bother.’ In every scenario, passionate commitment is an attitude – optimistic, confident, affirmative – which promotes excellence.”

The core value of passionately committed comes into play externally with clients, but also internally with team members. Solutions Manager Michelle Bournstein described it thusly, “We had a large client project deadline to transition from one module to another and our team worked more than 400 hours in a single week to ensure the migration was completed on time, which allowed our client needed time to train staff for a smooth transition. Just after, our team moved to a new team and were tasked with completely unfamiliar duties and responsibilities. They responded quickly to learn amid the challenges while continuing to strive to exceed client expectations – the definition of passionately committed!”

Passionately committed is not only from team to client or team member to team member, but it also applies for management to team members. Sandra Young, Purchasing Quoting Specialist, elaborated, “We have an open door policy here at VPA and it means managements doors are always open for team members. It does not matter if you walk through their door for work issues or personal situations – they take the time to stop, listen, and advise. That passionate commitment to us as team members, encourages us toward the same for our co-workers and clients.”

Being passionately committed means our VPA team cares about our clients and our coworkers and are dedicated to accomplishing our goals with excellence and living our lives in the same way. The following common saying we have around here is,  “We do what we need to do to get to the other side of the brick wall, no matter what.”

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