What About LiveReports?

Should You Be Leveraging Autotask’s LiveReports Module?

  • Are you trying to obtain more information to manage your business?
  • Do you have to manually compile information today?
  • How do you know of the best reports to use?

By leveraging Autotask’s custom report writing tool, LiveReports, you will be able to obtain analytical reports directly from the system. Before any report development it is essential to understand the intended use of the report, outline the requirements and identify critical information. What I have learned over time is that understanding the reporting tool and how to create a report is only a small component of the report building process.

If the information in Autotask is not structured properly or processes are not in place, information produced may not be accurate. For example, if you want to obtain a Contract Profitability Report, but Billing and Time Entry Approval Processes are not being performed, the Profitability Report will not produce accurate results.

How can CFS help?

Some of the most common reports that my clients require today are:

  • Engineer Productivity and Utilization
  • Managed Service Contract Profitability
  • Project Profitability
  • Ticket Performance
  • Financial Information

Autotask provides numerous standard reports as well as additional System Reports within the LiveReports Designer. To review these, go to Admin>LiveReports Designer and check them out! If any of these customized LiveReports meet your needs, be sure to publish them to the correct category to easily view them later. If your reports require more complex outputs, need to factor in exceptions, produce summaries or trends, developing a custom LiveReport will be key.


Since Autotask’s Report writing tool is so robust, it is easy to produce a “final” report. This means there should be little to no time required to modify or adjust the outputted report. If formulas or special exceptions are required in order to leverage the report, they are built into the LiveReport directly. This allows efficient, dependable access to information directly from Autotask and eliminates the concerns that formulas may be inaccurate.

Who is CFS?

Who is CFS?

CFS started in 1999 with a focus on helping Technology industry clients locate the best ERP accounting software available. This accounting system focus grew over time into a more broad approach of helping our clients succeed by Implementing accounting and PSA systems, streamlining Processes and Procedures, and configuring Systems accurately. Our goal was to help clients build Efficiencies based on Industry Best Practices and attain accurate Reporting in order to manage their business.CFS is one of our three divisions that is solely focused on the IT industry. Our Virtual Sourcing division provides clients with Back-office Outsourcing solutions in Accounting, Financial Reporting & Analysis along with Strategic Financial Management. The RES division is a Professional Employer Organization that offers a full range of admin solutions, including HR, Payroll, Tax Compliance, and Benefit Plans to small and mid-sized companies.

More About Michelle

More About Michelle

I joined CFS in 2002 as a Client Support Specialist to meet the business needs of our SouthWare client base. As a Business Consultant, I now specialize in supporting clients in QuickBooks, ConnectWise, Autotask, Quosal, QuoteWerks and SouthWare. With my experience as a Systems Specialist, Programmer and Project Manager for a New Orleans based reseller as well as 14 years of consulting with CFS, I provide a thorough understanding of the technology industry and a strong commitment to the success of our clients.

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