How Do You Manage Service Costs?

How can Autotask Help Manage Costs?

  • Have you ever paid a Vendor for Services but the Client has cancelled their Contract?
  • Do you know when a Vendor has increased the Amount they are charging you?
  • When a new End Point is installed at the Client, are you billing for it?

Many struggle to manage Recurring Service Costs to ensure their service offering is profitable. Considering the many variables that have an impact on profit, understanding Autotask and it’s capabilities is key.

Step 1: Review Your Vendor Bills in Detail and Configure your Autotask Services to match. The detail configuration helps structure your Contract Pricing correctly for Quoting and Contract Services. When services are detailed it allows for easy audits to compare Vendor and Client charge quantities for accuracy. Most importantly, detailed services allows the Quickbooks integration to impact multiple Revenue accounts upon invoice transfer.

Step 2: Review Your Recurring Service Contracts and Ensure they reflect each Service and billing Amounts accurately. Compare Vendor Billing Quantities & Costs to Service Quantities & Costs on the Autotask Contract. Make Adjustments when needed and then compare Vendor Bill Details Monthly to ensure Costs and Quantities are accurate. A custom Audit Report like the one shown below can help with this reconciliation process:

Big picture

Step 3: Leverage Autotask LiveReports and Widgets to obtain critical Business Information specific to Recurring Services. When leveraging Trend reports, be sure to look at the overall totals to be certain your goals are met as well as exceptions. In the case of Revenue Trend reporting, if a month of Revenue is not reflected for an active client, this could indicate an issue occurred during the billing process. Reviewing a Profit Report like the one shown below will help to ensure that your Services are profitable as well as indicate any issues with Profitability.

Big picture

How Can CFS Help?

To see more details about the concepts above, take a look at our presentation from last weeks Autotask Community Live on How to Manage the Costs of Managed Services!

More About CFS and Michelle

More About CFS and Michelle

I joined CFS in 2002 as a Client Support Specialist to meet the business needs of our SouthWare client base. As a Business Consultant, I now specialize in supporting clients in QuickBooks, ConnectWise, Autotask, Quosal, QuoteWerks and SouthWare. With my experience as a Systems Specialist, Programmer and Project Manager for a New Orleans based reseller as well as 14 years of consulting with CFS, I provide a thorough understanding of the technology industry and a strong commitment to the success of our clients.

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