Dashboards In Autotask

Dashboard Solutions Available with the Revision 2016.2 Release:

Autotask’s Dashboards and Widgets are designed to provide critical business metrics based on real-time data at your fingertips. With this latest release, Autotask has provided the ability for your Dashboards and Widgets to be both scalable and interactive. To learn more or obtain help with any of the FAQ’s listed below – email me!

How can you provide Management with Resource Specific dashboards and eliminate duplicate tabs?

Maybe you have a standard Sales Rep Dashboard for Management to review each team member’s performance. In order to obtain the same information quickly you have 6 versions of the same dashboard. What happens when a new Rep is hired, what about when a widget needs to be adjusted?

  • Now you can access the Tab Settings and Associate a Tab Filter. Choose from 12 filter options! Once activated a dropdown will display at the top of your Dashboard Tab and can be changed interactively when needed.

Can we easily share a Widget with someone?

Widgets can be copied easily as long as you have access to the Tab. However, if you create an awesome Widget and need to share with a team member it was not so easy.

  • Now you can select a custom Widget and share it to another resource by hovering over the Widget options and selecting “Offer”. The next time they login they will be prompted to accept the widget for their personal Dashboard.

How can we Edit a Transaction directly from a Widget?

AutoTask initially designed Widgets to be informational. This resulted in instant data availability but then required drill down or additional clicks to edit the information.

  • Leverage the new Grid View icon to Inquire, Adjust Prices, Edit the Entry or Approve & Post transactions for Billing. Don’t forget that you can select multiple lines and then click the dropdown at the top for “Approve & Post All”.

You may love Dashboards but can your Clients have them too?

Users can access the Client Portal but the system does not currently have the ability to display Dashboards.

  • By leveraging many of the AutoTask tools like the New Tab Filters, Territory restrictions and special login security, your client could have their own Dashboard for inquiry only!

Partner Spotlight: Virtual Sourcing

Partner Spotlight: Virtual Sourcing

The Virtual Sourcing team is an exceptional back-office accounting team that will help you meet your business goals and objectives while maximizing ownership value. They are dedicated to helping you succeed through focused guidance and uplifting service that fits your budget. Through a combination of financial know-how and industry experience they help you create a gateway to long-term success while integrating seamlessly into your staff in order to support you. The key to Virtual Sourcing is that they intimately know how to use your systems like Autotask, Quickbooks, Quosal or QuoteWerks!

To learn more click here!

More About CFS and Michelle

More About CFS and Michelle

I joined CFS in 2002 as a Client Support Specialist to meet the business needs of our SouthWare client base. As a Business Consultant, I now specialize in supporting clients in QuickBooks, ConnectWise, Autotask, Quosal, QuoteWerks and SouthWare. With my experience as a Systems Specialist, Programmer and Project Manager for a New Orleans based reseller as well as 14 years of consulting with CFS, I provide a thorough understanding of the technology industry and a strong commitment to the success of our clients.CFS offers solutions that optimize your overall business strategy and solve the “real” business issues you face daily. This translates into the right systems for your business to succeed. Our goal is to streamline processes, produce reliable analytical data to make informed decisions, increase profitability and give you a competitive edge to ensure your success!

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