Culture, Culture, Culture – What’s yours?

Culture, Culture, Culture. That is the hot topic in HR world these days. Company culture can be defined as the personality of a company. The culture of your business environment plays a HUGE role in your business results. Your employees feel the culture, your vendors feel your culture, your clients feel your culture, you even feel your culture. So, today I challenge you to take a look at your company’s culture. What is it like? Is it warm and welcoming? Is it fun? Is it contagious?

As a means to cultivating our company culture we created a “culture video.” Having the opportunity to capture our culture in a video has been very exciting internally. We are able to show this to new hires, share on social media outlets, share at staff meetings, share with our clients, and the list goes on. I hope by watching this video it gives you a glimpse of what our company is all about and in turn gives you a motivation to capture your company’s culture.

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