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Custom Financial Solutions and Virtual Sourcing are Pleased to Announce their merger into Virtual Partner Advantage to better serve their clients.

Alexandria, Louisiana, May 1, 2018 – Custom Financial Solutions and Virtual Sourcing are pleased to announce their merger into Virtual Partner Advantage. The ultimate goal of this allows Virtual Partner goal of this merger allows Virtual Partner Advantage to partner with their clients by providing value based solutions that help their clients achieve success. The new company will deliver solutions in the areas of systems, processes, resources, and financial performance by maximizing each client’s existing capabilities and providing a way to enhance their competitive advantage.


Virtual Partner Advantage brings a proud history, premium level expertise, and more than 21 years of experience. In 1997, Ken and Charlotte Wasmer founded Wasmer Business Solutions. In 1999, Custom Financial Solutions was born, to fill a void and provide unique accounting system solutions for companies in the technology industry. Virtual Sourcing followed in 2003, to provide outsourced back-office resources to Custom Financial Solutions’ technology clients. Growth, success, and change, led the Wasmer’s, in 2018, to unite Custom Financial Solutions and Virtual Sourcing to do business as Virtual Partner Advantage.


The formation of Virtual Partner Advantage brings multiple advantages to their clients including value based solutions working together to help clients achieve success. Virtual Partner Advantage is focused on technology company’s processes, financial performance, systems, and resources. As a result of the merger, their client partners will see extensive expertise and knowledge across the board: allowing for the strengthening of weaker areas, better work life balance, new perspectives and innovation, and increased success and profit.


“We partner with our clients and support them in maximizing their existing capabilities.  This partnership offers a way to significantly increase their competitive advantage and improve their bottom line.  We give unbelievable service in a proactive way focused on providing value to our clients’ businesses. We strive to provide unbelievable service and maximum value to our client partners and have a close, caring, and fun work family culture. Our partnerships are what sets us apart.” – Ken and Charlotte Wasmer, Owners, Virtual Partner Advantage.

Virtual Partner Advantage invites technology companies to reach out in person or online at vpadvantage.com and discover the difference a client partnership can make in their success. Virtual Partner Advantage promises more value and innovative solutions, along with better reporting, improved systems and processes, as well as trustworthy partner to be counted on!


About Virtual Partner Advantage


Virtual Partner Advantage was formed in 2018, via the merger of Custom Financial Solutions and Virtual Sourcing, and brings more than two decades of trustworthy service and premium level expertise to their clients nationwide. Owned by Ken and Charlotte Wasmer, Virtual Partner Advantage promises to deliver valuable solutions surrounding business functions – systems, processes, resources, and financial performance – ensuring their clients achieve success by maximizing their existing capabilities and increasing their competitive advantage.


For more information, visit vpadvantage.com

Virtual Partner Advantage Media Contact:

Virtual Partner Advantage

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