A Conversation with Ted Warner, Owner of Connecting Point

Ted, Charlotte, and Ken discuss how Ted began working with VPA many years ago and how strong of a relationship he has built with not just Charlotte and Ken but with VPA’s team of people who work on his business.

They discuss:

  • The correlation between the two businesses that happened back in 2003. [Time Marker:  3:35]
  • The difficulty right now in hiring the right people on the technical side.  Though it’s just as difficult, if not more difficult, to find people who have the accounting skills and the financial skills that are necessary to navigate your business properly. [Time Marker:  6:10]
  • The benefit of outsourcing to someone like VPA who takes care of the side of the business that you don’t necessarily want to focus on, the payroll and the files, etc. [Time Marker: 8:45]
  • Ted talks about the different members in VPA who work on his business and how they’re helping in any way they can.  [Time Marker:  11:33]
  • “The future is extremely bright for people who do what I do and therefore I think it’s going to be more and more and more important for what you do as you can offload these day-to-day tasks that have to be done and have to be done properly. I see a bright future for VPA.”- Ted [Time Marker: 14:51]                                                                       

Special thanks to Ted Warner, Owner of Connecting Point, for sitting down with Charlotte and Ken for this video.

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